Peter Antrobus is a goldsmith and designer with over 30 years experience working with fine metals, precious and semi-precious stones and other materials.  He served a five-year apprenticeship in Wilmslow, England beginning in 1974, in which he studies metal forming, hand fabrication and other essential techniques of being a goldsmith.  Peter’s experience while working in England and the States as a goldsmith and designer has brought him a broad range of challenges over the years.  These include:  miniature replicas of a yacht, a guitar and carousel with moving parts, all in great detail utilizing fine metals and stones.  Other pieces are trophies for the Queen’s Jubilee photographer in 1979, a hand made watchcase and custom designed baby spoon. These technical and precise pieces are just a few of the many projects Peter has taken on as a goldsmith. Imagination, attention to detail and integrity for the craft are displayed in the work he produces. Peter has always looked at the craft as a challenge and a discovery. The varied properties of metals and gemstones, combined with unlimited ideas, present a diverse medium for his creativity and self-expression.