Antrobus Designs specializes in handcrafted, custom-made jewelry.  Designer and goldsmith, Peter Antrobus, has been making jewelry for over 25 years. One-of-a-kind designs, high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make the work distinctive.  We offer everything from simple repairs to creating any piece imaginable.  The showroom features an unusual selection jewelry in silver, gold and platinum, all of which are handmade.

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah Crump of the Cleveland Plain Dealer a few years ago and here’s the link to the article.

Peter Antrobus

Peter Antrobus is a goldsmith and designer with over 30 years experience working with fine metals, precious and semi-precious stones and other materials.  He served a five-year apprenticeship in Wilmslow, England beginning in 1974, in which he studied metal forming, hand fabrication and other essential techniques of being a goldsmith.  Peter’s experience while working in England and the States as a goldsmith and designer has brought him a broad range of challenges over the years.  These include:  miniature replicas of a yacht, a guitar and carousel with moving parts, all in great detail utilizing fine metals and stones.  Other pieces are trophies for the Queen’s Jubilee photographer in 1979, a hand made watchcase and custom designed baby spoon. These technical and precise pieces are just a few of the many projects Peter has taken on as a goldsmith. Imagination, attention to detail and integrity for the craft are displayed in the work he produces. Peter has always looked at the craft as a challenge and a discovery. The varied properties of metals and gemstones, combined with unlimited ideas, present a diverse medium for his creativity and self-expression.

Melissa figured that she would one day be on a stage singing and acting, but obviously things change.  After beginning a career in Musical Theater and Voice she decided to change her focus and got a degree in Communications.  The benefits of the college degree coupled with her desire for performance created a niche for her in desktop publishing, design and software training.   Melissa’s experience gave her the tools to handle the business aspect. She still sings all the time!

breathtaking jewelry!

Everything they make is gorgeous and they’re friendly, sweet people to work with. People still comment on our wedding rings all the time!

Antrobus Designs is hands-down the best custom jewelry shop around.

When Tiffany’s couldn’t come through on my wife’s wedding ring and band, Antrobus designed a beautiful “Bubble Ring”!
It’s an adventure with Pete & Melissa – always something fun and exciting. They’re one of Cleveland’s hidden treasures.

Awesome jewelers…maker of our wedding rings. :O)

Not only are they the greatest jewlery designer’s, they’re great peeps!

Pete and Melissa made my engagement ring and wedding band, the 2 most beautiful pieces of jewelry EVER!!!!!

They do amazing work. I found the shop by accident but loved the pieces so much I had them rework my practically new engagement ring. You really don’t find craftspeople like Peter anymore. Antrobus Designs is one of my favorite Cleveland finds.

Antrobus rocks!

best jewelry in ceveland 🙂

Antrobus (Melissa and Pete) are what design and jewelry is all about. Visits with them are a “Day Trip” to fun, fun, fun. Great people, amazing talent.

They do beautiful work.

Great designer’s and great people!!

Fabulous designer!

Great Things!!!!

Always helpful, not pushy. Very professional.A  pleasure to deal with.

Showing you love from MODA of Lakewood! Nominated for best RESALE & VINTAGE STORE! Please VOTE FOR US!! 🙂 Good Luck!

Pete and Melissa are fantastic!!! They actually listen to what you are asking, will help design what is in your head, and have a fabulous selection of items already created by Pete. Best jeweler in town, and only sorry we never discovered them earlier than this year!