All About Trade Service And More

Essentially, a trade service refers to the sale or delivery of an intangible service. The term is a broad term that is used to describe the relationship between a producer and a consumer in a given country. It is also used to describe the relationship between a producer in one country and a consumer in another country. This relationship occurs through the production and sale of tangible products or services, or through the delivery of an intangible service.


HSBC Trade Service is one of the leading trade finance providers in the world. It has won various awards for its excellence in the field of trade finance. It offers short-term finance for capital imports, as well as cash financing and working capital. It also provides insurance.

HSBC Trade Services provides technology-based solutions to its customers to manage the total supply chain. This includes a desktop banking system that operates via the group’s proprietary worldwide communications network. It also offers a wide range of import and export products.

The company’s logo appears on huge billboards in Chittagong and Dhaka. It has an extensive network of offices in 81 countries worldwide. Its head office is located at Anchor Tower in Kawran Bazar.


CITI trade service offers a wide range of financial products and services. It offers corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and securities brokerage. It also provides insurance and credit cards.

CITI has over 200 years of experience. It is an international bank that operates in seven business regions. It has a strong network of correspondents and branches. It has millions of customer accounts worldwide in more than 100 countries.

CITI is a global leader in providing financial services. It has a strong presence in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It provides corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, insurance, and consumer banking. It also has a global technology platform. CITI is in the process of developing new services and products.

CITI’s TRADE SUITE streamlines traditional trade transactions. It is tailored to suit each customer’s needs. This solution includes real-time pricing in more than 500 currencies and an integrated exposure management tool. It also provides pre-trade workflow tools and post-trade settlement capabilities.


OECD member countries account for nearly three-quarters of global trade and 18 percent of the world’s population. They are committed to freer markets, sound economic policies, and the efficient use of resources. The organization provides a forum for member governments to exchange experiences and identify good practices. It also conducts outreach to business and civil society. Its member countries represent three-fifths of the world’s GDP and are responsible for about half of the world’s energy consumption.

The organization supports its member countries in overcoming the global economic crisis and achieving a strong global trading system. It also assists them in meeting the priority needs of their own institutions. It conducts a series of “Global Forum” events around the world, and it carries out a number of regional cooperation programs.


Those who are looking forward to pursue their career in the civil service, can opt for the Indian Trade Service. This service is a central organization which helps the government in facilitating the foreign trade of the country. The Indian Trade Service is a part of the Group A of the Central Civil Service. It is managed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. It is under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The Indian Trade Service has a lot of perks and allowances. It is also an attractive career opportunity. The service provides ample opportunities for a career in international organizations.

The first batch of the ITS joined in 1986. It is a Group A service which aims at facilitating the international trade of the country. The service has its headquarters in Delhi. The officers are posted in various ministries and other government departments. They also serve at the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI).

The pay band of the ITS officers differs according to their designation. The initial position is Assistant Director General of Foreign Trade. After 9 to 14 years of service, an officer is promoted to Joint Director General of Foreign Trade. This post is assisted by thirteen Joint Secretaries.

Statistics Canada

Detailed trade information on commercial services is provided by Statistics Canada. This includes data on transportation, travel and other services. Data are unadjusted and are available in both quarterly and monthly time series.

Surveys of commercial services are conducted quarterly, with a sample of approximately 2800 firms surveyed each year. The annual sample covers enterprises reporting moderate amounts of international transactions. These enterprises are rotated annually. The annual sample is published as total payments and receipts.

Data sources are a mixture of administrative files and surveys. The first source is a survey of 529 firms. The second source is a survey of financial transactions of mainly foreign-controlled firms. The third source is a survey of Canadian enterprises. Get to know more at Live Services Group.

The annual survey of international transactions in services consists of payments by companies that acquire computer services. Other data are derived from unspecified services reported by individual companies.